Thursday, April 26, 2012

- Easy E -

He doesn't like his picture taken.  He's in that stage right now. Where the second we ask him to smile, he says cheese and looks the other way. 
But we managed to capture a few of our sweet, independent, cooperative, very selective Erik.

He loves his bike helmet.  It's waaaay too small for him and needs to be passed on to his younger brother.  He has to tip his chin up super high in order for us to buckle it without pinching him.  We're waiting for the annual Plymouth Firefighters' bike helmet sale before buying a new one.  Yes, we're that cheap.  I really hope we can find a fun one.  Not that he will care, but I know it would make him feel special.  To have his very own new bike helmet.

This is often the look we get when we try to take his picture.  Hahahaha!!!    

And cue the walk away :-).  But we had to capture him at this moment, in this stage because he loves his froggy rain boots.  And we think it's adorable.  He wears them everywhere.  Snow? Rain? Sunshine?  Those boots are on his tiny feet :-).

He's also into fans right now. Our smoke alarm goes off whenever we make pizza and, while we get super annoyed at having to drag out the fan, Erik just wanders over to it and has a ball feeling the wind blow through his hair.  Ah, it's great to be a kid!!  
The Stomp Rocket is one of his favorites!  He finally acquired the coordination to jump high enough and land with enough force to launch the rocket.  Helmet and rain boots required?  Nah, but it sure makes for a cute picture. 

Check out the boots - wrong feet and buckling under the pressure of his wicked high jump.  They look like clown shoes!!

Watching his Stomp Rocket :-)

This pretty much sums up our Erik.  Quietly puttering around in the garage for a while...asks to use this cable thingy...and then jimmy rigs his lawn mower to his bike.  

I hope everyone out in blog world is doing great.  School's almost out!!!  I'm nervous to have all 3 kids, all day, every day, all summer long.  They are so much more active this year.  I'm going to have to get creative and come up with LOTS to do.  Let me know if you have any fun activities we should try!!


Tootle Family said...

They are growing so much!!

Missy and Michael said...

You are such a wonderful boy, Erik! The blog title really does sum him up - easy going, likable, and sweet! The froggy boots are just too cute. Oh and I have some ideas for keeping busy this summer... play dates with the Mlakars... and lots of them!!

P.S. LOVE the new photo at the top of the blog. Those boys are Katelyn's superheros - t-shirts on or not ;)

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