Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy Halloween!! Here are our little trick-or-treaters just before heading out. The weather was awesome, and the boys had fun visiting all our neighbors (Erik is the cul de sac's phantom door bell ringer, so he had an especially good time...getting to ring doorbells without being reprimanded :-).

Spiderman Dane showing us his awesome muscles.

Pausing for a picture at our neighbors, Mary & Joseph's, house (yes, their names really are Mary & Joseph :-). Looks like someone had an itch that couldn't wait to be scratched. Ha!

What up peeps? Who's the super hero now?

Cutie pirate #1.

Cutie pirate #2 (for the record, we tried to get Dane to be a pirate too, but he was ALL about spiderman).

My favorite part of the night was watching the boys come back to our house!

Of course they got candy at home too :-).

Both E & D absolutely loved handing out candy. They were more excited for that than trick-or-treating. It was so fun to watch!!


Woods Family said...

Our boys have so much in common! Jack was spiderman too- and was a pirate last year!! LOVE the glass door pictures!

boo and stacy said...

LOVE those pictures...y'all are SO good at capturing the best little moments!! Loved them all!! Hilarious commentary too!!

If you got an itch....scratch it! HAHA!!

Nicole Svendsen said...

I love Erik's bag and Sawyer has the same one as Dane:)

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