Friday, August 5, 2011

Some Random Stuff...

It's been a while and we keep taking pictures, but just don't seem to have enough time to post it all. So here are a few fun moments over the past couple months.

Whenever my dad (Matt's) golfs, he manages to find quite a few golf balls in the process. He gave Dane and Erik a grocery bag full and the boys love playing with them.

Tripp keeps getting bigger and bigger. He had his first solids a couple weeks ago and has taken to eating really well. His poops are now equally impressive. He's up to carrots, peas and rice cereal now. Here are some shots from his first supper

There was a stretch where it was insanely hot here...almost couldn't go outside. Erik and Dane have enjoyed popsicles and we made some ice cream cones for them. Definitely needed to strip the boys down to nothing and their bath shortly followed. The chocolate mustaches were money!

Tripp is the only one in our family with blue eyes. We're hoping he keeps them forever! Shelly snapped this one while he was sitting in Dane's blue chair. Makes his blue eyes POP!

Tripp is in the process of mastering sitting up. All of a sudden he just got it! Still has the occasional face plant, but they are becoming more and more infrequent.

Tripp's six month pictures. Dane wanted to get in on the action too!

An example of the aforementioned face plant!

I love it when babies start chunking up and getting fat. One of my absolute favorites is knee fat. Tripp is growing some awesome knee fat. Babies are just awesome!

Tripp has also been eating his toes recently. Great photo op! His skin looks so creamy smooth in these pics.

Dane and Erik love playing with the hose during the hot days!


Cathy Bolander said...

Your boys are so adorable!

Missy and Michael said...

Amazing photos of the boys, as always! The chocolate ice cream and hose wrangling in the heat of the summer are classic! LOVE!

boo and stacy said...

Oh man Shelly....your boys are so cute!! I can't get over Tripp!! I might need a nibble on the left knee. His eyes are gorgeous! They all seem like such great kiddos!! Wish we lived closer so I could get to know their personalities in person!!! What fun they are all going to have growing up together!!

J.J. said...

i love catching up with you guys and love that knee fat!! alla had some serious leg fat like that, too - enjoy it, it goes so fast!! we need to catch up this fall - apple picking?!!?!?

Woods Family said...

Tripp is YOU YOU YOU Shelly!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Sooooo you! Oh my goodness those boys are PRECIOUS and beautiful!!!!

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