Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Erik!!!

Today, Erik turned 1! We can hardly believe it. Never has a year seemed to pass along so quickly. Erik has truly been a great child...super smiley, super happy, rarely complains, loves his older brother and has just the greatest demeanor.

We celebrated his birthday last weekend with a little get together for family. Erik didn't seem to be himself and was in a little bit of a funk that day (teething!). We got some great pics below.

Happy birthday Lil' E. We love you!

His eyes got HUGE when he saw the cake, so we were hopeful he would like it.
Dane helped him blow out the candle on his cake. Check out E's hand going for the orange balloon :-)
Hmmm...what do we have here??Too sweet! We did place a puff on top of the cake to entice him to eat it, but he just ate the puff and then wouldn't touch the cake. It was comical.
Big brother Dane was more than happy to help Erik out in the eating of his cake. Dane went and got the fork himself and got some of the best bites. Notice the fork full of frosting!
After a few minutes, this is what it turned into. Clearly not his day. He wanted out of the high chair NOW!!
We tried his birthday hat, and he left it on for .000000001 seconds. Long enough to get this pic (way to go Matt!!).
A fun picture with his parents. Erik, turn that frown upside down! Aging isn't all that bad :-)
And one with the entire family. We got a partial smile!
We've been pretty diligent about taking monthly pictures of Erik in the same chair. We printed them out so everyone could see the transformation. We'll post them to the blog soon.
Erik LOVES books, so we got him a few as a gift. Books in a box! Doesn't get much better than that!
Once again, Happy Birthday E! This past year has been so much fun. We pray that you continue to grow, develop and keep smiling. We love you!!!


Hans-Dieter said...

Happy Birthday Lil' E!! Do we get a picture of him at the exact minute he was born? :) I like that tradition.

Mel said...

Oh Happy Birthday Lil' E! We hope you had a great first birthday, I can't believe you're one already!

Great photos you guys!

Nicole Svendsen said...

nice work taking the monthly pictures of Erik! i need to be better about that...his little sad face makes you just wanna snuggle him right up.

Cathy Bolander said...

The second child's first year always seems to go faster & even faster for the 3rd. Happy Birthday E! Teething blows but I hope you had a great day.

boo and stacy arnold said...

Happy Birthday Erik!!! I love the month by month pics you hung up! Way to go with the second child!!!! Such cute documentation!!! Too funny about the cake! And how simple is he just loving books? Wish it was always that easy!! Great family shots too!!!

Papa Bob said...

Happy birthday Erik! Wish we could have been there -- maybe next year.

Team Rillos said...

Has our bday gift to the cutest 1 year old arrived yet?
Love you cute thing!

Tracie and Kyle said...

Such a beautiful family ... Happy Birthday, Erik! Can't wait to see the monthly pictures - I'm totally going to steal that idea.

Jodie said...

Always enjoy the blog - great job you two! Such teamwork! It was so good to see you all a few weeks ago - your children are fantastic!
Peace, Jodie

Katie said...

Oh my goodness--that year did blow by! Congratulations on your first birthday Erik!

Love the photo hangings! Can't wait to see them on the blog!

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