Sunday, November 15, 2009

Say Goodbye to Non-smelly Poops!

Just one of the many great benefits (from a Dad's perspective) of infants who are nursed is the lack of stench associated with their poopy diapers. When Dane first started eating baby foods, I remember the foul odor hitting me in the face like a Mack Truck. Totally wasn't ready for it. Well Lil' E had rice cereal for the very first time today. While I can't speak to the changing odor just yet, I know it is coming soon. Instead, we celebrated by documenting this momentous feat.

We put him in the bumbo and, as usual, he was all smiles.

This truly is bite number one.
Didn't quite keep it all in!
His attention quickly turned to the spoon that mommy was using to feed him.
Give me that!!!
There were a couple times when he wasn't totally psyched about the experience.
But by the end of it, he was back to his usual smiles.
Congrats on eating your first solids, Erik!


Cathy Bolander said...

He really is such a cutie! Sorry about the poop smells. Totally get it & HATE it. Luckily we are finally down to only having 2 in diapers.

Hans-Dieter said...

nom nom nom... yummy!

Nana said...


Woods Family said...

congrats erik!!!! you are so precious!

Mel said...

Way to Go Little E! How exciting and just adorable! Great pictures you guys and really funny about the non smelly poops being gone hahaha!

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