Friday, October 2, 2009

Uncle Hans' Visit

We've had an extremely busy September. Lots of visitors came to town. It was so much fun having folks visit and allowed us to take tons of pictures. Now we just need catch up on our blog posts. September started with Hans coming to town over Labor day. One of the first things he did was show Dane how to properly hold and play the guitar.

Dane played for quite a while.

Watch out Keith Urban!!!

Dane took a minute to daydream about a future Billboard chart topping hit and subsequent triple platinum album.

We also headed to Como Zoo. Dane followed Hans around everywhere and the two had so much fun playing together.

Dane was interested in all the different animals that he's seen on Go Diego Go, but not in actual life. This puffin definitely looks cooler than it does on a TV.

Just like the plains of the Sarhara!

Uncle Hans got some good pictures with the boys.

We also got a good family shot!!!

Here's a last one of Hans and Lil' E!

Thanks so much for coming to visit Hans. Dane is still asking about Uncle Hans and wants to know when you'll be back.


Hans-Dieter said...

Answer... Not soon enough!!! I loved my visit and this already brings back some great memories. Next year Ill get Dane on the drums. ;)

Nana said...

Uncle Hans... lucky you, got to go to the zoo with my babies! Maybe one of these days we be able to time our visits to coincide, as we missed you by a week this time! Matt & Shelly, love the photos of Dane and the guitar. Looks like he's ready to give Keith Urban a run for his money...

Woods Family said...

OK - I am back to thinking Erik looks just like Dane in the family shot! Such fun pictures!

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