Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkins and Face Paint

Grandma Cherrie treated us to a fun filled day at Apple Jack Orchards last weekend! It was THE Fall experience we were all looking for. Cool weather, sunshine, kids happy to be outside and lots of pumpkins (including pumpkin guts all over one Zitzlsperger kid...can you guess which one??).

Dane started the day by feeding this goat....over....and over....and over again. Seriously, Dane should know by now that force feeding doesn't work. His parents have tried it on him several times...
The family shot. We tried. Sigh.
On the way to the pumpkin patch. Someone's having fun :-)
The moms bringing up the rear...chatting about the coffee we desperately needed and should have stopped to get on the way to the orchard.
Mom, would you please pay attention?!?! I can't see a thing!I'll still smile for you though because that's the kind of baby I am :-)
Maybe this pumpkin? Nah, too big for Big D.
This one is much better!Dane: OH NO! I got all dirrrrrty.
Mom: What happened Dane?
Dane: I slipped down!
Mom: Uh, you sure did :-)
Dad (from behind the camera): It's okay, we have wipes in the stroller.
(Notice the rotten pumpkin guts in the background...ew)
All cleaned up and walking back to the car with Grandma. He LOVES his little pumpkin. Thanks Grandma!
We do heart Apple Jack orchards!
This was Dane's first face painting experience. He sat VERY still.
And this is the most precious face. The girl who painted Dane's face was probably 12. When she was finished, she held up a mirror for Dane to see his smiley face. This is the look Dane gave her after he saw his reflection. I just think it's the sweetest smile...sort of like he's in awe at what she'd just done.
And here's the finished product!!! Two sweet smiley faces on two sweet boys!!!
Happy Fall everyone!


Hans-Dieter said...

All of this painted a smile on my face as well! Happy fall to you too!

boo and stacy arnold said...

Too sweet! Looks like a fun day! Shelly, you are the cutest mom ever! Your little fall beanie looks so fun on you!

Love all the patches and orchards in the fall. Gotta love fall (mainly in somewhere other than LA).

How perfect that the cousins are so close in age and get to be together often!!

Woods Family said...

I covet your fall gear and weather - I say that now but I know snow has been here and there for you - which I do not covet! Waiting for our fall weather to arrive - so hot - does not make it as fun! Love the beanies and the erik shot with pumpkin beanie!!!!

Tootle Family said...

That does look fun!!! I want to be in big jackets and gloves with y'all! Love the pics, and Dane's face is priceless!

Mel said...

Looks like so much fun...I just love Fall!!! What a beautiful family you guys have...that picture turned out great!!! :)

Your kids are so adorable and I love the hat picture...hahaha his little smile underneath there. Too cute! Dane's face looks like he couldn't have been happier with his pumpkin! :)

Cathy Bolander said...

LOVE the family photo. Glad you're blogging again. Missed you guys.

Nana said...

What a fun family outing...

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