Friday, May 29, 2009

Hospital Days!!!

We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am Wednesday morning and marched into the operating room on time at 7:30. It was such a different experience compared to Dane's birth. We got a descent night's sleep, Shelly didn't have to go through an exhaustive labor and the process was well planned and pretty relaxed.

They first brought Shelly into the operating room to get her prepped and strapped down. I was sitting in a waiting room where time stood still. It seemed like forever and I was worried they might start without me.

Everyone was ready to go when I got in the room. About 10 minutes later, Erik's little head popped out and seconds later we found out we were having a boy. It was a much needed surprise in contrast to how tactical and planned-out the morning had gone. Little E didn't get beat up like his big brother did. He also lacked the alien-like cone head that comes with a vaginal birth. This picture was taken probably 10 minutes after he was born. I felt like such a tech-nerd...I had my phone, Digital Camera and Flip Video Camera in the operating room.

This is Shelly's first close-up look at E. He was pretty purple and had a little extra fluid in his prevented him from getting as much oxygen as the doctors and nurses would have liked. It's pretty common with C-section births, since the fluid that fills his lungs while he is inside Shelly, doesn't get squeezed out like it does with a vaginal birth. This must have been so hard for Shelly, her arms were strapped down to the operating table and she couldn't hold her new son.

While Shelly was getting put back together, I headed to the nursery with Erik. The nurses gave him some extra oxygen and let him work out the remaining fluid in his lungs. It was incredible to see his body pink up when they put the oxygen in front of his nose. Almost an instant change. You can see how purple he was in the picture above.

Once E's oxygen intake was stable, I headed back to see Shelly in the recovery room. It was so fun to be able to bring pictures of Erik to her. After a couple minutes, I retrieved Erik, and mom was finally able to hold him. I'd say it was definitely love at first sight between these two.

Shell snapped one of the proud papa!!!

He headed down for his first bath and we got his foot prints taken as well.

He wasn't the biggest fan of his first bath. This is truly how red he got. I haven't exaggerated the color of his redness in this one.

Throughout the day, we had lots and lots of visitors. Grandma and Grandpa Z. Erik is their 4th grandson in just over 2 years. My sister Kelly is expecting another boy in 2 weeks. Insane!!!

Grammy stopped by and gave Little E a thorough inspection. Her Jaw must have hurt when she left from smiling so much.

Kelly and Josh came to the hospital for different reasons. The doctor's told Kel to come in because she had been having pretty strong contractions all day. For a second, we thought we'd have have twin cousins!

Auntie Kris and Uncle Joe stopped by too.

Prior to Erik being born, Kris and Joe had the littlest boy in the family. Simon turned 9 months a couple days ago, and now suddenly seems like a giant. He was so excited to meet his new cousin.

Uncle Todd, Aunt Christine and Cousin Maddie came for a visit. Erik's foot looks so tiny in this picture.

Maddie was the youngest grandchild until Dane was born. She held that title for over a decade!

Chipotle Burrito Anyone???

We spent a good 35 minutes getting Erik's hair ready for this shot.

Dane came with Grammy and the first thing he said when he arrived was "Mommy get down!" He then had some of mommy's Jamba Juice and was well satisfied. Our new family of 4!!!

We asked Dane to give Erik a little kiss and he planted a huge one on his little brother.

We also had a gift for Dane from his little brother. What better way to start a friendship than with a gift. All in all, Dane seemed somewhat indifferent to his new sibling. He noticed him, but then was more interested in having us make a new copy of his "Animal Songs" CD. It's good to know that things, in Dane's mind, haven't changed all that much.

He has been pretty much a dream baby. His feeding has been awesome! Other than that he sleeps. At times, his positions don't look all that comfortable, but it sure doesn't seem to bother him. It has seriously been so easy. Thanks E! Here are a few sleepy picks from the past couple days.

As he squirms, his stocking cap falls down over his eyes. I imagine him saying, "What are you looking at?"

Couple shots of him in front of the window.

Thanks to everyone for their messages, texts and e-mails. We all are doing very well and can't wait to get back home. We should be leaving the hospital sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned for more pics.


Team Rillos said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of your adorable family of four! We are squeezing you all from Colorado.
Way to go Team Zitzlsperger!!!
LOVE, Team Rillos

Kari said...

You have a beautiful family! Shelly you look great! I am sure you are anxious to get home!! Can't wait to visit you guys once you get settled in! Congrats again!!!

Cathy Bolander said...

Love the sweet kiss from Dane & love the shots in front of the window. Hope he remains a very quiet baby.

Carrie said...

He's perfect! Congratulations!!

Hans-Dieter said...

Seriously.... I am so amazed by all of this. I feel like I was there with all of you. Can't wait to meet Lil E myself.

Nana said...

What a wonderful first family photo... and Matt, as usual, you have done an excellent job of documenting this extraordinary event through the rest of the excellent photos! How many have you taken so far... 743? See you all in just a few days! Loves...

boo and stacy arnold said...

What a wonderful post. Every shot showed your time there. I felt like I was there too. I love love the shots on the little shushed body being held by mommy. And the burrito by the window are too sweet. Blessed to have two healthy and calm little ones:) God is good!

J.J. Killins said...

oh you guys we are so happy for you! isn't it great to have another baby in the house!

The Donovan Family said...

Congrats!!!! He is so precious! Welcome to the world of all boys! What a beautiful family!


The Townsends said...

Matt you lucked out getting the scrubs. For Chrystal's C section all they gave me was a less than manly looking gown to wear?! Congrats on the second boy looks like a sold defensive pairing.

Woods Family said...

OH God IS good!!! Loved talking to you today! This was the first time I could actually sit and read and stare deeply at the photos - was not able to so much in Hershey. he is SO beautiful and Matt, you TRULY capture him - your photography is spectacular - again such a GIFT for the boys when they are adults!

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