Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Play Time with Henry

Dane had a Play Date with his good friend Henry this past weekend. Henry and Dane are only 2 weeks apart, and naturally, had a great time playing together. Here are a couple action shots from the day.

Here is Henry standing up next to Dane's Exersaucer

It wasn't long until the boys started doing...well what boys do. WRESTLE!!!

Henry, relying on the skills he's mastered from daycare, got off to a quick start.

Dane didn't even see him comin'! 1 Point for Henry.
Officially, the match is "To be continued..."


Hans-Dieter said...

I've got a message for Henry... You mess with Dane, you mess with me. And you dont want to see Angry "Hans from Universal."

Nicole Svendsen said...

How funny that boys are just born with that wrestling gene!

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