Friday, October 26, 2007


Here is a miscellaneous collection of pictures of Big D. No particular special event or theme, just some fun pics of him over the past few weeks.

Here is Dane in his high chair. We like to call it his little throne. He really enjoys eating solid foods and trying new fruits and veggies.
Right now pears and sweet potatoes are his favorites.

He loves to stand. We can't wait for the day when he can stand up on his own. Wait, maybe we can... :-)

He still loves his fingers! He always sucks them when he's tired and when he's eating (in between bites).

I took Dane for a run in his jogging stroller. It was chilly so we bundled him up in his big blue fleece jumper. When I got back to the house, he was fast asleep. Couldn't pass up the photo op.

We try to limit how much time he spends watching TV. When he does watch, he gets totally sucked in.

He would sit and watch TV all day long if he could.


Paula Townsend said...

Ok so I think you have the cutest boy ever...yes even cuter than mine were back when. Keep up the great pictures so I can continue to see him grow. Someday we have to meet him in person.

Nana said...

Geez, from the back, watching TV he looks just like his Papa Bob!

boo arnold said...

He is SO cute!! He looks so content in the jogger! and so content in front of the TV (just like mattie sue). your pics are so fun and its great to see just the daily activities. Way to go for getting out in the cold weather and running!!

Team Rillos said...

What a sweetie!

Woods Family said...

I second Stacy! Way to go running in cold weather!!!! He is precious - Love the behind tv picture!

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