Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Please Pray

Hi Everyone,

We have a favor to ask of you...we just found out that our new nephew, Cruz, has a serious problem in his right eye. It could be fibrous tissue, a tumor or cataracts. Josh & Kelly have taken Cruz to the U. of Minnesota and are at the Mayo clinic today to get more answers. Whatever the outcome, Cruz's eye will never be normal. It is already 4mm smaller than his left and, if he does not undergo surgery soon, his vision may deteriorate and he could become blind in that eye.

While this is not a life threatening situation, it may require major surgery via going under (Cruz is only 17 days old...). Josh & Kelly are being strong but are scared. They have asked God to heal Cruz's eye, and I'd like to ask that you pray for the same.

If you want more details about his eye, go to www.tousignantandco.blogspot.com

Love Matt & Shell

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