Thursday, July 12, 2007

Anniversary Pics

We decided to try and get a family photo before our night out on the town. Dane was not interested in looking at the camera. He only wanted to play with a shiny bow that he found on one of our presents (see photo). So...all of our pictures have Dane looking at the shiny bow and not the camera. We should have tied the bow to the camera. Next time!

Matt liked this picture of Dane...he said it looks like he's doing the Ace Ventura "Come to me Jungle Animals." (I'm not sure what that is...but I put it in the blog to humor Matt :-)

Our dinner at the Melting Pot was oh-so-fabulous. Seriously, one of the best meals EVER. I just love fondue. Here we are making our waitress take a cheesy photo of us.

Following dinner, we headed to the Guthrie. The building's architecture was awesome...interesting details around every corner. Here is a crazy picture that Matt took looking out one of the windows. The picture in the middle is the actual window, and the images above and below are mirrors. Weird, huh?


boo arnold said...

shel, you look beautiful!! congrats on 4 years!! i just may have to hit up the melting pot soon! stace

Team Rillos said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys look great. Zitz are you growing your hair out? Dane looks like he might be a blondie ?
Can't wait to see you guys in August.
Team Rillos

Woods Family said...

Thought about you on the 12th - reminded P it was your anniversary but then I never called! Loser! Thank you for the talk the other day - things are so much better! You are a BEAUTIFUL couple with a beautiful boy - can you beleive it has been 4 years? That was an incredible day! g

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