Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome to our blog!

This blog has been created to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest Zitz Family news! Dane is growing up so quickly, and I needed a place to share his cute pictures, videos and accomplishments (like finding his hands and rolling over!), as well as other family news. Hopefully this will be a great avenue to share our stories & memories with you all. Here are some pictures from our latest adventures.

Dane had his first shots at 10 weeks. He hated them but his Tweety bird band-aids helped ease the pain.

Matt and his co-workers participate in "cool collar Thursday," so we had Dane join in the fun. He hated his cool collar!

Grammy stopped by on her way home from work. She likes to sit in the adirondack chairs and talk to D. He loves the quality time.

Ashely graduated from Augustana college - congratulations Ashley!

Brost/Hooten/Zitzlsperger family photo. Where's Dane?? He was having a rough evening, so Jodie walked the church premises with him in her arms. Thanks Jodie - you were amazing with him.

Leslie winning the South Dakota state track & field meet in pole vault!

Dane fell asleep during his first walk in the bjorn. Matt & I were just walking and talking and all of a sudden we heard snoring :-)

Dane rolled over on Monday! I went upstairs to get him after a nap, and he was on his stomach. It was so exciting - I immediately grabbed the camera and snapped this shot. Way to go Big D!

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